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Kingdom Hearts ENTIRE Story


Long long time ago, the world was ruled as a whole under the light of Kingdom Hearts
this kingdom hearts is protected by this weapon called X-blade but human started to get greedy. some of them want the Kingdom Hearts for themselves. So darkness born in their heart. In the end, the darkness divided the world. those different world - are the disney world.
the master xehanort guy long time ago was also a keyblade master. He heard about this keyblade war legend so he go crazy about it and wanna start another one something like that but the X-blade that protects the Kingdom Hearts were destroyed and split into 13 darknesses and 7 pure light. The real Kingdom Hearts itself is hidden somewhere in darkness so Master Xehanort has a lot of plans in mind :
first thing first, he needs a young body coz he's quite old so that he can see his own fruition - what he wants. So he saw potential in this apprentice of Master Eraqus (his friend) called Terra. He manipulate Terra's mind to let him succumb to darkness.

Actually he has a lot of plan, I shall list it here :
1) he created Ventus - he wants this Ventus to let out his power of darkness within to form X-blade (but Ventus is too weak and fear darkness so he failed) - Master Xehanort then extract the darkness within his heart , damaging Ventus' heart. He name the new being formed from the darkness called "Vanitas". Ventus was actually like dead but he was saved by Sora's heart (who was just newly born that time). So Master Xehanort take this opportunity to hand Ventus over to Master Eraqus to train him. When Ventus is stronger he can fight Vanitas and this will create the X-blade

2) Apparently the first plan failed because Ventus is much stronger than he thought. Also Ventus' friend, Aqua successfully destroyed the X-blade created. So Xehanort continue his plan of having a young body (by possessing Terra instead). in the end, Terra succumb to darkness and possessed by Master Xehanort. Terra did resist. he unlock his own heart using keyblade and supposed to fell into darkness but Aqua managed to save him. She herself trapped in darkness instead. When this Terra-Xehanort (possessed by Master Xehanort) woke up, he say he didnt remember anything (actually he did) and found by Ansem the Wise and say his name is Xehanort

Note : master eraqus knows about Master Xehanort's plan so He kept Ventus all the time from outside world to keep this from happening but when Ventus know about this, Master Eraqus wants to destroy Ventus for everyone's sake. But Terra stopped him from doing so coz he is his best friend.
instead, Terra has great power of darkness and in the end killed his own master. After that, only master Xehanort laughed and told him the truth, Terra was very regret.
3) Master Xehanort has Xemnas who collect the hearts to create artificial Kingdom Hearts so that the Kingdom Hearts will have the power to turn all of his organization XIII members into Xehanort clones (that's what he plan to do) [Kingdom Hearts 2]

4) Master Xehanort has Xehanort(“Ansem”) - his heartless . Xehanort will gather 7 pure light - which can come from the 7 princesses of light [Kingdom Hearts 1]

5) Master Xehanort himself will sacrifice his Terra-Xehanort body to travel back in time to meet his younger self - and asked the Young Xehanort to gather few his other clones from different time frames (parallel world) [Dream Drop Distance]

Let me fill up the gap before that :

Last time, Terra actually went to see Riku before. He feels like this is a destiny as the keyhole leads him there. Terra also see potential in Riku to become keyblade master. He passed the power to him and so Riku can wield keyblade when he's ready.
Whereas, Aqua met Kairi in Radiant Garden (named Hollow Bastion after being overwhelmed by darkness). She can feel the pure light in Kairi and passed the power to her, saying that whenever unfavourable things happen, it will lead her to the light (It actually did because when Radiant Garden was overwhelmed by darkness after some time due to Xehanort(that fake Ansem)'s fault, Kairi was sent to Destiny Island and so Sora and Riku met her). Aqua also went to see Sora and Riku at Destiny Island (they were very young also. Sora's just 4 years old). She saw Riku and she already can feel the power in Riku because before that Terra has met Riku (Note : Aqua was officially a keyblade master) She smiled at them and when she saw Sora, she felt like he is like splitting image of Ven. She didnt pass any power to Sora.

But Sora got to wield keyblade due to an incident : The day when a storm strike Destiny Island, Riku knew the time was coming but he chose to succumb in darkness instead because he wanted more power. However, darkness weaken Riku's heart and this cause the keyblade wielding power to be passed to Sora instead. bla bla bla, Riku did regained his power to wield a proper keyblade but that was only in Kingdom Hearts 2

Btw, like I said before, there is artificial heartless. There are two kinds : artificial heartless (marked with special heartless symbol) and pureblood heartless (these heartless are born from people's heart darkness and no, they dun have hearts so if you destroy them, they just disappear). Whereas, the artificial heartless are the one who kill more and more people, stealing their hearts so thats why they have hearts in them)

okay. I will just give a brief about Vanitas' story here. Remember I said Master Xehanort damaged Ventus' heart? Master Xehanort extracted the darkness within and created Vanitas
initially Vanitas feel sad that when he has to separate from Ventus, in fact he can still feel what Ventus is feeling. He himself is a plain dark creature who has no original appearance. But since Sora's heart saved Ventus', it has directly affected Vanitas. At one time, Vanitas felt a sharp pain in his chest and felt like he was in absolute darkness. Then he suddenly saw a light in his dream. The voice asked him to "Open the door". And so, he saw another boy's face (Sora's) and since then, he looks like Sora except that he has yellow eyes and black hair

Vanitas begin to question his own existence. As he was irritated, an Unversed (another type of dark creature - like heartless) formed. He was irritated by the unversed and whenever he killed them, he felt physical pain and negativity flows into him. So this cycle of negativity and irritation created more and more Unversed, tormenting him more. Master Xehanort only watched this coldly. Vanitas did cry before as he was annoyed that he was feeling all the pain but Ventus (saved by Sora) couldn’t feel anything initially. Then when Ventus started to heal and friend with Aqua and Terra, Vanitas can feel Ventus' happiness so he is very angry and annoyed that why Ventus cant feel what he is feeling and Vanitas can feel what he is feeling. Vanitas is very lonely and felt helpless and soon this turned into immense self-hatred and anger because he knew that no one would be able to help him. Master Xehanort then told him that , for his salvation, he has to fight Ventus one day to create this X-blade.

So Vanitas only had this in mind and became cruel and cold-blooded. He hate Ventus so much. Later, he begun to create more Unversed in his own will and this is what we see him as the cold-blooded Vanitas in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep game. He's neither good or bad. He's just born pure and innocent but since he has no guidance, no help or whatsoever, he began to turn evil and cruel. He doesn’t have any friend and only have one thing in mind - creating X-blade is the only way to end all of his suffering.

Since Ventus destroy the X-blade, his heart also vanished because that x-blade is part of him. Luckily, his heart find his way to Sora's heart when Sora was just 4 years old that time in destiny island. Sora has this power to connect people's hearts. So ventus is sleeping eternally, his heart in Sora's
Aqua, before she trapped in the Realm of darkness, she made sure Ventus is safe. so she turned the Land of Departure (Master Eraqus' place) to Castle Oblivion and keep Ventus somewhere inside the castle and seal it so that nobody can find it. this Castle Oblivion is in Realm of between
remember I said Aqua trapped in darkness after saving Terra right? She found Ansem the Wise in the realm of darkness and asked what has been going on at the outside world. Ansem said darkness still overwhelms but one boy still fighting to overcome it and meanwhile touches a lot of hearts. He mentioned this boy is the only one who can save everyone - including trapped Terra, sleeping Ventus and Aqua herself. When Aqua asked who is this boy, Ansem answered Sora. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep ends by showing tears flowing down Aqua's face as she mentioned Sora's name (END OF BIRTH BY SLEEP)

Meantime there's this scientist called Ansem the Wise. He's doing research on darkness thingy and wanted find a way to counteract it. He has a few apprentices.
One day, he found this guy( who named himself xehanort - is actually Terra-Xehanort - because Terra unlocked his own heart away from Xehanort - Xehanort suffered a temporary amnesia - but he recovered later) and let him be his apprentice as well but xehanort is a bad guy. he started to do research on human's heart and succumb in darkness. the other apprentices follow suit
Ansem was very angry and want to seal his lab but he was banished by xehanort to the Realm of Darkness. so this xehanort led the research group, under the name of "Ansem". thats why the real ansem hate him so much
So one day, this xehanort betrayed the rest of the apprentices and turn all of them into heartless (and so their nobodies are formed). Xehanort managed to form his nobody (Xemnas) as well as his heartless(Ansem)
Note : So Xemnas and Ansem have their own ways to achieve their goals. So Xemnas strive to create an artificial Kingdom Hearts with the help of those nobodies - telling them that if they create the artificial Kingdom Hearts, they will become whole again (not just nobodies). basically the nobodies don’t like being nobodies - they wanna become a whole - original self
(that Xemnas part is Kingdom Hearts 2 so it happens after Xehanort is defeated)


Xehanort (Ansem) want to collect 7 pure lights to open the door to Kingdom Hearts and rule over the world so he manipulates Maleficient to help him catch all the 7 princesses. Kairi is one of them. But part of Kairi's heart is in Sora's (because you know ahem they are actually boyfriend and girlfriend so called lover)
Riku was in turn manipulated by Maleficient who told him that Sora no longer care about him and that Sora has his own friends. Riku , like Terra, has chose to succumb in darkness because darkness gave him more strength and power. In the end he did regret but too late he got controlled by Xehanort ("Ansem")
Xehanort (in Riku's body)said to let the seven princesses wake up including Kairi, he has to unlock Sora's heart as well since Kairi's is in Sora's. Sora defeated Xehanort and he retreated a while. Sora wanted to seal the door but he couldnt because it's not complete in the first place. Kairi's heart still in Sora's and all the princesses still cant wake up.
So no choice, Sora unlocked his own heart with the keyblade. Kairi and the other princesses woke up. The keyhole is complete (could be parts of Xehanort's plan). Xehanort able to go through the door to darkness
Eventually at the end, he want to use Kingdom hearts' power in himself but like Sora said, Kingdom Hearts is light.
Note : You know why he possessed riku's? because he gave up his body for another reason....He wants to time travel - so he has to sacrifice his body
In the end Xehanort is destroyed in KH1
so Riku (who break free from Xehanort) and Mickey are in the realm of darkness, whereas Sora is in realm of between. Together they seal the door to darkness (Someone has to be in realm of darkness in order to seal it). After sealing it, Sora promise Kairi he will be back - he will find Riku and bring him back



So Sora set off to the path to try to find Riku. Then he came to this intersection of roads. Suddenly a nobody with Organization cloak appeared, guiding him to use the particular road. So Sora follow suit and he ended up at the ground floor of Castle Oblivion. Whereas, for Riku's part. Riku also came to the intersection roads, there he faced DiZ (is actually Ansem the Wise who disguised himself as DiZ). When Ansem the Wise asked Riku which path will he go, Riku reacts to Sora's heart and want to follow the middle road (Sora's path). DiZ make him end up in Castle Oblivion but Riku's is at the basement while Sora's at the ground floor.

As Sora stepped into Castle Oblivion, he gradually lost his memories because this castle oblivion (if you search the meaning of "oblivion" in dictionary it means something like forget) can make him lose his memories. The guy in organization XIII cloak said to gain is to lose (if you want to find Riku you have to lose your memories), and to lose is to gain.

So you see, There's some inner fight between the organization XIII members as well

Note : Xemnas supposedly ask the members to station in Castle Oblivion so as to eliminate Sora. but you know, the members have their own thoughts. some wants to betray. The time when Marluxia threatened Vexen is actually after Riku Replica fail to deal with Sora
Xemnas knows about his members' plan to overthrow him and so sent Axel (another member, Roxas' best friend. I will explain Axel's story after Chain of Memories) to spy on them and eliminate those who wanna overthrow him.

 Larxene and Marluxia (new names again :P) are the youngest in Organization XIII. They want to overthrow Xemnas using Sora's keyblade power. Other members found out. Zexion, Lexaeus and Vexen

Note : By the way, in case you didn't know, each member's name has an x in it. Take out the x, unscramble the letters and you have your name! Also some of these names are proven. Axel-Lea Larxene- Arlene Roxas-Sora(DUH DUH DUH!!) Xemnas- Ansem Xigbar- Braig Xaldin- Dilan Vexen- Even Lexaeus- Aeleus Zexion- Ienzo Saix- Sai (it's also the name of a type of weapon.) Luxord- Ludor whereas Demyx and Marluxia, their real names never been revealed. Remember I told you before Xehanort turn his apprentices into heartless? These are the apprentices. Xaldin, Vexen, Lexaeus, Zexion, Saix, Axel.

Axel is being sent by Xemnas to spy on the members in Castle Oblivion
okay so Lexaeus, Vexen and Zexion are the one who DO NOT intend to overthrow Xemnas
so Lexaeus ask Vexen to spy on Marluxia and Larxene
When Vexen learns of Marluxia's plan to overthrow Xemnas by using Sora, he told Lexaeus and Zexion. so they plan to use Riku to counteract Sora so that Marluxia cant use Sora to reach his goal.
Then Vexen (another org XIII member) confront Riku in the basement of castle oblivion - actually Vexen wants to obtain battle data from Riku. Then Vexen used that data to create Riku Replica.

Vexen get Riku's battle data to create Riku Replica. He tries to manipulate the Riku Replica to test Riku so that the real Riku will return to darkness. But real Riku dun give in to darkness and so, their plans changed. Now they want to erase the Riku Replica's memories and replace with new one - so that he only know few things : he needs to protect Namine at the top of Castle Oblivion (Kairi's nobody - formed when Sora stabbed himself with the keyblade because remember I said Kairi's heart is in Sora's). and also Riku Replica is made to feel that Sora never care about him and Sora betrayed him. So the organization XIII want to now make Sora give in to darkness to become their puppet to reach their goal of overthrowing Xemnas

Note : battle data is like Riku's abilities when he fight so that he make another one that fight likes him. But Riku Replica is still weak because even though he knows how to fight, he hasnt train enough.

When Marluxia found out about Vexen gang’s plan from Axel (spy), Vexen said he was "offering help" to Marluxia by giving him Riku's battle data to create Riku Replica so that he uses Riku Replica to deal (lure) with Sora (like I said, Marluxia wanna use Sora as a puppet to overthrow Org XIII). Vexen ask Namine (a special witch that can manipulates people's memories) to fake Riku Replica's memories that Riku Replica once promised Namine to protect her.

Since Vexen's plan in the end failed (Riku Replica failed to deal with Sora), he taunt Vexen and Vexen said Marluxia has no right to talk to him like that. Marluxia threatened Vexen and said he will tell Xemnas about his failure. But Vexen is scared of Xemnas so beg Marluxia not to.

Marluxia then agree but he asked Vexen to eliminate Sora. Vexen was super confused because Marluxia is the one NEEDS sora but suddenly Marluxia asked him to eliminate Sora - this is very wrong. But he followed what he asked anyway.
Marluxia took this opportunity to ask Axel to kill Vexen. Axel did. Axel also used Riku Replica to drain out the rest of the energy from Zexion - thereby killed him as well. (Lexeaus was defeated by real Riku when all these are happening)

This helped Axel to gain trust from Larxene and Marluxia. Axel took it for granted and released Namine. Namine then quickly tell Sora the whole truth.
bla bla bla. Sora defeated Larxene and in the end Marluxia.
END Sora is enclosed in this white flower thingy by namine so that he regains his old memories But namine said if he regains his old memories, he will forget the memories happening in castle oblivion. Sora chose old memories but promise he will see her again in future. That she will be in his heart forever

KH 358/2 DAYS

During chain of memories happening, there's another event happening so there is this game called KH 358/2 days. this is the period when Roxas joined the organization XIII and when Xion appeared
Roxas is a nobody, born when Sora stabbed himself with the blade. same as Namine (but somehow Namine is a bit special, she has ability to manipulate memories)
heartless formed from the darkness in heart. basically when a person unlock his heart with the (dark) keyblade, he will turn into heartless. A nobody will form especially if the person has strong will and soul
Sora's nobody is Roxas
Xemnas then recruited Roxas into Organization XIII because Roxas has the ability to wield keyblade. he used roxas to defeat more artificial heartless to unlock more hearts in order to create artificial Kingdom Hearts. soon Roxas and Axel become close friends. They always eat seasalt ice cream together on top of the tower in twilight town
Axel who is initially a pure nobody gradually grew a heart (in this case means behave emotionally) due to Roxas. Roxas become his best friend in Organization XIII. so one day Xemnas brought in a new member, 14th member named Xion. Xion is actually a Roxas Replica (same thing you can say like a Riku Replica) created from Sora's memories (Sora's memories full of Kairi lol so Xion looks a bit like her :P). Somehow, Xion quickly become friend with Roxas and soon, Roxas Axel and Xion become close friends. Three of them always eat seasalt ice cream together
During Xion's own mission, she met Riku. Riku was surprised that she can wield keyblade. So he defeated her and approached her. He sensed something was wrong. Later, Riku, Ansem the Wise and Namine had a discussion about this. Xion was not supposed to exist. Like I said she is Roxas’ replica made from Sora's memories, so her existence prevent Sora (in the white flower bud) from gaining his memories - so Sora can never wake up as long as Xion exist
So Riku told Xion the truth. also whenever Xion grow stronger and stronger, it will affect Roxas as well, Roxas will grow weaker. So Xion started distance herself from Axel and Roxas.
Axel kinda know that Xion existence will affect Roxas, so a few times Axel let go of Xion. Roxas is mad at Axel. he started questioning his own existence as well. he then wanna leave organization XIII (which he's not supposed to - consider betrayal) to seek the answer. Axel is getting fed up. His close friends are leaving him
Axel defeated Xion when he saw her and want to bring her back to organization XIII - bring her back to The World that Never Was (nobody headquarter - where they live). he was pretty exhausted during fight as well. Though he defeated Xion, he passed out.
Xemnas saw and took Xion away and reprogrammed her
Later, Xion find Roxas and fight him (in Sora appearance - because Xemnas reprogrammed her - she looks even more like Sora now so her face is basically Sora's)
In the end, Xion was defeated - she was basically killed by Roxas. but when Xion died, her memories in Roxas gradually fade away. Roxas didn't even know what had he done. Before she died, Roxas asked "Am I the one who did this to you?". Xion said is alright and that her memories with him and Axel will stay with Sora forever. before she fade away, she asked Roxas not to let Xemnas fulfill what he wants - get the Kingdom Hearts
And soooo Roxas dropped his last tear not knowing why
then he met Riku
Initially he knocked down Riku but Riku took out his blind and used his power of darkness within to defeat Roxas. When Riku unleased his power of darkness, his appearance then stays like "Xehanort". so you can see "Xehanort" in KH2 but in fact he's dead but Riku just become like him because of his dark history last time. Riku brought Roxas back to Ansem the Wise. so Ansem the Wise wiped Roxas' memories and put him in the artificial alternate world of twilight town.

For various time, Axel tried to bring Roxas back but Roxas doesn’t remember who's axel and who he was. all he knows he has three new friends in the alternate artificial world of twilight town
Until Sora slowly regained his memories and is ready to wake up, Riku kept giving Roxas clues to go to the mansion in twilight town. also, through his friends, he found the mansion. His friends said the mansion has this "white ghost" (is actually Namine) and they were curious
One day, finally, Roxas went to the mansion alone and suddenly he has to fight weird creatures (to him) - nobodies but Riku appeared and helped him fight (in his black coat). Roxas then went into the mansion and met Namine. There, he saw Namine's drawing on the wall and started regaining his past memories. Namine appeared and talked to him, wanted to tell him the truth but suddenly Ansem the Wise appeared and stopped Namine from telling him.
Ansem the Wise just doesn’t really respect nobody. He thinks nobody is nobody (funny XD), and they dun deserve to know the truth. the main objective now is to let Sora regain his memories and wake up. Roxas has to disappear in order to let Sora wake up (because Roxas is also part of Sora's heart)
then Ansem the Wise gave Roxas clue on where to go without telling him what's happening. by now Roxas remembered everything. So Axel fought Roxas. He wanted Roxas to go back. but Roxas wanted to find out the truth - who he is and who is this Sora.
Note : BEFORE I GO ON, I forgot to mention - since Roxas killed Xion - since then he got to wield dual keyblade (Oblivion and Oathkeeper keyblade) TWO KEYBLADES

so this time when Roxas fight Axel, (and since he recalled his past memories), he used two keyblades to fight Axel - he defeated Axel
Axel then backed off. Roxas continued his journey to where Ansem the Wise led him to. Mean time, he saw this computer and machine in a room and recalled how his memories got wiped and got sent to the alternate twilight town. He was super angry and he slammed hard and destroyed that computer and machine.

then he was led into the white flower bud place by Ansem the Wise. He hate Ansem the Wise so much that he wants to fight him but unfortunately that was just the data projection of him. Ansem then opened the white flower bud and showed Roxas the sleeping Sora

Roxas' anger immediately died down and he knew he's doing the right thing. so he merged with Sora to let Sora regain his memories


Sora woke up with Donald and goofy but they have no memories of what happen after they defeated Xehanort. only know they want to find Riku
*Sora theme song played*
even referring to Jiminy's journal - it says "thank Namine". so they got out of the mansion

PLEASE NOTE : the world they are in now is the real twilight town. the world Roxas in is the alternate twilight town
so they met the three friends (who knew Roxas in the other twilight town) and just randomly asked them whether they know Riku's whereabout. of course they dont. then Sora came in front of the train station and attacked by nobodies, which he was super confused. he never seen the nobodies sign before (nobodies logo). they were exhausted as they havent been fighting for a long time
just then mickey came and helped them. mickey asked them to get on the blue train. surprisingly, the three friends came and sent them off as they said "we feel like it's the right thing to do". before Sora goes off, one of the three friends asked Sora "are you sure we haven't met before?"
Sora said "positive" but his tear suddenly streamed down his cheek. Roxas, inside Sora is meeting his friends who don't even know his existence now... saddd daooooo
Sora's surprised that he is sad as well. He didnt even know the friends well and so Sora went to the Mysterious Tower. the train behind him disappear. Then Sora met Pete
I like this part
Pete kept peeking into the door of the mysterious tower and kept saying maleficient is great. Sora answered "She's toast"

bla bla bla so they went into the mysterious tower and master yen sid explained to him what's nobody and all the complicated organization XIII stuff. and their mission objective.
One day hollow bastion was attacked by many heartless. As I said it was called radiant garden. Then it turned into hollow bastion when engulfed by darkness (Just a change of name). Sora met Xemnas. He summoned 1000 heartless for sora to fight
Then Saix told Sora that organisation XIII is using him. Sora is super confused now. Fight heartless help org XIII but dun fight heartless they will keep destroying the world. Sora after that discovered that the so called Ansem (rumour said) is not the real Ansem. Real Ansem, like I said is Ansem the Wise. That "Ansem" is just using Ansem name but not Ansem, is Terra-Xehanort
Axel kidnapped Kairi because he wanna lure Sora to him (He wanted to turn Sora into heartless and bring Roxas back). Kairi initially got away and went to twilight town through the portal of darkness, befriended the three friends Sora met. But Axel found her and kidnapped her anyway, and disappeared.
Riku in his black coat, still hasn't reveal himself gave Sora clue to where to go because sora suspected he is Riku, and Sora knew the clue Riku gave is the way to find the organisation XIII people. So Sora went back to twilight town but found his three friends knocked down in front of the mansion. Sora defeated the nobodies and together they went into the mansion. The three friends thought that there is an alternate artificial twilight town, as I said
So they went into this computer and machine room. Used the portal and teleport to another alternate twilight town, where when you reach there, you can see the broken computer and machine instead (was destroyed by roxas last time). In that alternate twilight town, there's a portal of darkness. Sora went through the portal but faced a lot a lot of nobodies.
He was exhausted , until Axel came to his aid. Axel used his full energy to kill all the nobodies and apologised to Sora that he had kidnapped Kairi. Axel also said that Sora makes him feel the same (like how Roxas makes him feel that he has a heart, has a friend)
Then Axel died, faded away.
Sora continue through the portal and came to The World that Never Was, a place where the organisation XIII reside (Their headquarter). Before he reached the stronghold, he met Roxas but that time he still doesn't know that person is Roxas. Roxas challenged him and they fought. Initially Roxas got to disarm Sora. But Sora is a pretty powerful keyblade wielder so he can still make the keyblade reappear in his hand although his keyblade was beyond his reach that time
Roxas was shocked.
Sora take the chance to defeat Roxas. Before Roxas fade out his mind, He said to Sora "You make a good other." Sora was confused, But he moved on anyway
Note : the fight is just happening inside Sora's mind
Sora went on his journey to the headquarter of org XIII to find them as well as Kairi.
Kairi got locked up. Namine used the portal of darkness to save Kairi out of that cage. Although Kairi doesn't know who that girl Namine is, she trusted her and escaped with her. Then she met Riku (Namine introduced that “Ansem” who is Riku to Kairi). Riku gave her a keyblade and this is the first time Kairi fight (like I said last time, Kairi was chosen by Aqua to wield keyblade so that's why Kairi can use keyblade)
Meanwhile sora fought his way through the castle.
Then Kairi and Riku came to his aid. Sora was shocked to see Kairi. And he innocently thanked that "Ansem" for saving Kairi. Then only Kairi told Sora that he IS Riku. There goes the emotional scene where Sora touched Riku's hand and felt that Riku was indeed inside. So that time Sora, Riku and Kairi finally reunited.

Ansem the Wise invented a machine to steal all the Kingdom Hearts (artificial one) data - basically trying to encode all the hearts collected into data. But Kingdom Hearts has too many hearts, too many data. The machine could not cope and exploded, destroyed a faction of Kingdom Hearts. That's why you can see a big hole in the centre of Kingdom Hearts. Meanwhile when the machine explode, Ansem the Wise faded into darkness. He stuck in the realm of darkness. It was around this time he met Aqua, who also stuck in the realm of darkness long time ago. Aqua asked what has happened to the outside world. Ansem who lost most of his memories, but still remember Sora, said that only this boy Sora can save everyone. That was the ending for KH Birth By Sleep, like I mentioned to u Aqua cried mentioning the name Sora
Note : Remember? Aqua met Sora before in destiny island and he thinks that sora is the split image of Ven. Then she also met Riku and she felt Terra already passed the power to Riku
Please note : Aqua meet Ansem is not an immediate scene right after the machine explode
So after the machine is destroyed, along with a portion of kingdom hearts, somehow Riku turned back to normal. Which means Riku no longer looks like Ansem anymore. Sora swear that Ansem's sacrifice will not go to waste. So they moved on and find Xemnas. Xemnas who was disheartening (very very sad) that his 'beautiful' Kingdom Hearts was damaged. Here comes to fight the final boss
After the first fight, everyone thought was over.
Riku wanted to create the portal of darkness but he failed. Mickey said he does not belong to the realm of darkness anymore. Then Namine helped create the portal. Mickey Donald and goofy went through the portal But there's still scene where Namine talked to Roxas that is inside Sora
Bla bla bla
After all that talk, They supposed to go through that portal. Kairi went through but suddenly portal closed and so Sora and Riku can't go home. There goes the 2nd boss fight. Then the 3rd boss fight.
Xemnas was defeated by Sora and Riku together
They get to go home
Go back to destiny island


Sora got letter from King Mickey. He has to do another quest


--- king Mickey found out from master yen Sid that although Xemnas (nobody) and “Ansem”/Xehanort (heartless) are destroyed, the original person will come back, Which means Master Xehanort will come back!! This holds true to other organisation XIII members as well
Axel was back as human form. But he is not Axel, he is Lea. Still with his memories with Roxas. Let me keep Lea as Axel then. Axel and the other organisation XIII members (those who are the apprentice for Xehanort research) are back. But they are all back in human form. Axel wonder where is Saix(the original person Isa used to be his best friend) and Xigbar (another apprentice). So Axel wanted to find them.


Sora and Riku went to Yen Sid tower (mysterious tower) like King Mickey asked them to. Yen Sid explained that Master Xehanort is back and he wants them to go through some tests to prove themselves are keyblade master. So basically they have to enter 'Dream' and their mission is to start from the beginning - from destiny island. They need to unlock some other worlds, including destiny island that are sleeping worlds so that the world will not haunt by heartless again
Basically sleeping world means that the world is still not yet COMPLETELY free of heartless
But something happens they did not expect
Master Xehanort who planned such far extent that he knew one day that Sora and Riku will enter the sleeping world one day, which means go back to destiny island. So before that, he did precaution. In order to time travel, He sacrificed his Terra-Xehanort body. So he becomes black being in an old cloak, travel back to time to meet the Young Xehanort (he was also lived in destiny island that time)
He asked the young Xehanort to gather few clones of young Xehanort from different time frames so that he can fulfil his main main objective - to create 12 clones, 13 pure darkness to recreate X-blade to start Keyblade War
Note : Remember I said X-blade is the key to recreate Keyblade war? And initially master Xehanort wanted to turn Ventus into X-blade but failed?
Meanwhile, since he knew that surely at one time sora and Riku will go back to the sleeping world, Xehanort (in his old cloak, black being) waited for them and until they were going to unlock the keyhole in destiny island, Xehanort hijacked their dream

So now he has backup plan. He traveled back in time to ask young Xehanort to gather few his other clones from different time frames.
Another back up plan is, he also wanted to hijack sora's and Riku's dream to turn one of them into his clone as well But since Riku succumbed into darkness before and has great resistance to darkness, Riku is not easy to be hijacked. Sora is a bit too innocent and thought this whole thing could be just the quest. Master Xehanort took the opportunity to hijack his dream.
He split sora and Riku into different world, that's why one is asleep, other is awake while one is awake, the other is asleep. He confuses them. One of them must be in 'dream'. So in the end sora was tricked. He succumbed to darkness coz he was tricked by the Young Xehanort
Note : when master Xehanort hijack their dream, young Xehanort was able to appear in their dream
Finally, Riku found out that sora was tricked. He wanted to save him. There master Xehanort returned and told Riku his whole intention - he wants to gather 12 clones to make 13 pure darkness to recreate X-blade And he said Sora is the last clone, last vessel
Note : Saix and Xigbar (who Axel wanted to find ) also helped Master Xehanort. They are going to become his clones as well
So just when master Xehanort wanted to turn Sora into his last vessel in front of Riku (somebody else prevented him from saving Sora), Axel saved the day!!
So Actually axel went to see master yen Sid, he also always wanted to help Sora. He went into his dream world to help him - managed to knock the blow when master Xehanort wanted to turn Sora into last clone
Because Axel interrupted the process, Master Xehanort failed to turn Sora into last clone. Master Xehanort then backed away, along with other going-to-be-clones, and said they will meet again soon. Axel & Riku & (Mickey as well) then took the sleeping Sora back to real world but sora still could not wake up.
So Riku has to go back to Sora's dream to save him
Note : Since sora succumb to darkness, but he is not completely into deep darkness because he has Ventus to protect him. Remember sora saved Ventus' heart? He let ventus' damaged heart to reside in his. So now it's ventus' turn to protect him. So in the game, you will see that Sora was protected, wearing Ventus' armour. That armour turned black, due to darkness. It's then called "Nightmare"
Riku went back to Sora's dream world. He met this "Nightmare" and fought it. Defeated it. Then he was led to destiny island. He has to answer three questions properly, asked by Three people (I forgot who they are already, I know one of the, is Xion). So Riku answered the three questions correctly, then he met Ansem the Wise in his dream. Ansem the wise said he has successfully defeated all Sora's nightmare and unlocked his dream. Now sora is backed to normal
So Riku went back to real world. He was surprised to see sora was okay. That time sora was having tea party =.= Sooooooo Riku is awake. Sora is happy. Then he asked master yen Sid how were their results. Master yen Sid said only Riku passed the quest - officially become the keyblade master But Sora still need some training.

Master Yen Sid asked Riku to bring Kairi to Yen Sid tower because Kairi is also a keyblade wielder. He wants to gather 7 pure light - basically 7 keyblade wielder to counteract Master Xehanort in the future.
Please note : keyblade master and keyblade wielder is almost the same thing. Is just that keyblade master is a 'title' given to the person who is very good at mastering darkness and keyblade. Also, keyblade master can recruit people as his apprentice and travel around the world to do mission on his own (basically upgraded to a boss)

---- THE END ------

Written by ME :D Oathkeeper13

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


dum dum dum duuuuuummmmmmmmmm *drum roll*

The reason that I create this blog
The reason that I use that name for twitter account
The reason that I keep practising piano regardless the sore fingers
The reason that I keep practising harp regardless the blisters
The reason that I love music
The reason that I keep practising music
The reason that I create music
The reason that I love games
The reason that I started to admire game intelligence
The reason that I love graphics and keep up my artwork
The reason that I found new perspectives in life
The reason that I started to feel the urge to accomplish missions after missions even in life
The reason that I live my life the fullest

is you

I hereby expressed my love to you, once again,  Kingdom Hearts...


Thursday, May 16, 2013


Watched Marita Cheng's speech today on youtube. She's so inspiring, enthusiastic, amazing, awesome, passionate, determined, and such a visualizer. She has become the first in my idol list today. Too amazing.

Watch her clip during TEDxSydney here :

 "My mother wants me to be a doctor because...... I'm Asian"
"A nation that doesn't create is forced to consume"

Those are my favourite lines.

and so I came into a conclusion about myself. I am :

| avid gamer | harpist | blogger | technology, soundtracks and classical music enthusiast |


All my life I have largely exposed to music. That is pretty much it, because it's the only thing that captivates me so far. But I HAVE to put that aside for something else to secure my future. WHAT SHOULD I DO???!!

I like Science. But I dun think there's anything as captivating as music.

Screw you! I just need answer. ANSWER PLEASE.


I'm trying my best searching for it so you better come out!

-it's very annoying after a long time. I cant express it any other way. it's FRUSTRATRING-

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


"Stay out of comfort zone"

How easy to say that. But execution is a problem.

One major major thing I realised is the difference of mindset, in this case, between my dad and my aunt in Australia. Her typical mindset is, still, always "get a good job and live your life as employee" though she didn't really emphasing on getting extraordinary grade. Working in "safe" and "stable" environment. Get monthly payment though unhappy with work. Then reward yourself a trip next time.

Whereas, my dad's mindset is "get a good grade, get a good job, be own boss and do something special". No doubt, I prefer my dad's. But easy to say. Hard to do. I guess most of the jobs need to compromise. Either you earn good money, you hate the job ; or you face uncertainty, you love the job.

My dad. works as contractor straight right after high school. He works diligently all the time. That's the same to my aunt. She's a super strong mum. Works diligently all the time. But she chose to stay at the same level. She's afraid to take risk. and I guess, Australia has less opportunity for her to "meet people". Reward for my aunt is probably the intelligence of her two kids. No doubt, they are really smart. Whereas my dad, he strived for excellence, worked his way up in the corporate world until where he is now. Meantime, he had the opportunity to "meet people", networking, get good connection. It is really impossible to believe that, he has achieved so much in his lifetime. From merely a "kampung kid" to contractor to manager to senior manager (He would be Director if not for the absence of degree level). From kampung to suburb to urban. Not many people have the determination to do that. nor have the drive. nor the opportunity.

"Be own boss and do something special" This is very hard. This is not a game, which you can reset whenever you are "game over". In life, "game over" is indeed disastrous.

Since I like playing games, why not I treat life like a game itself?

So hard. but achievable.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

So many things to do, so little time

I laughed pathetically at my past, when I was very sad and even cried after not getting the desired results (my desired results is above average, but is not super high either)

Why did I do that? That was so pathetic!

How I wish I realised that so much earlier in high school. But I'm not that bad. I started realise things after I joined prefectship , but not so much.  I didn't do much anyway, they are all within my comfortable boundary, but at least something.

Now. Today. tomorrow. Weeks. Months passed. Time flies so fast, yet I haven't decide on my freakin path. So many things to do, so little time. Plus, I told you I have verbal comprehension difficulties. If people say Einstein and Newton are autism but genius, I'm definitely not autism then, because I did this autism experiment thing and I'm pretty sure I'm very easily distracted :p logically, im not genius as well. No, I dun have natural intelligence at all. I'm not smart at all. Like I say, they are all due to my hardwork. Without hardwork, I am nothing.

The one phrase, I have no idea why, stuck in my head forever.

"If you going to do something, do your best." - My dad

I dunno why that phrase stick in my head like forever. My dad said I'm pretty absent-minded. And I ,still, always got scolded for being so forgetful. But that phrase, I never ever forget it. I still remember, my dad said that when I was making this moon festival lantern. I just simply do it. I dunno know how to do it even haha. But my dad helped me, he did it so nicely and he said that to me. And Why? Why is that particular phrase stuck in my head? I'm so curious. Seriously.

I guess that phrase bring me until here so far. Although I have little sense of achievement when getting into uni (because the required ATAR is only 80 and I got 97.25 - overkilled? :p ), I'm still glad that I'm able to be in uni, and in overseas, compared to others who do not share this fortune. I'm not in Cambridge, nor Harvard, nor Stanford, nor the top top uni (I got accepted into University of Melbourne and Monash University, which grants me $3000!), but I'm still glad with this uni. Not the top but it's okay. Genius is shaped by our ownself anyway, not the uni. Uni provides the opportunities and resources.

I will not give up. I shall not fear the future but envision possibilities. That's all I can say to myself. I need to try my best, though dunno doing what, but figure it out. Make the most out of this journey of self-discovery. I hope one day I can tell my dad, firmly, this is what I wanna do, and I'm sure of it. And I hope one day, which should be within this semester, I can declare officially my desired path on my blog. That I wouldn't regret. That this is it.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Not to waste any moment of anything, I have decided to jot down what I have been thinking so far. (I seriously hope that no one is reading this :P My blog is more like my "pensieve" IF YOU READ HARRY POTTER :D)

After partaking in Engineers Without Borders Expedition recently, I realised a few things.
"Stay away from negativity. Once you are with a group of optimistic individuals, you began to see possibilities. " And that holds true. As I was kept thinking how am I going to decide my future, and that I dun think I will ever be good at whatever I want to be, as I joined the group of these active individuals, I see possibilities.

As I joined the member engagement meeting, the leader has a super organised agenda, and when he talks, he did not waste any moment of it. The timing was just right. Most of the people in the group did not just hold back whatever they want to say. It's a pretty easygoing atmosphere and I love it. I wonder why didn't I realise this much earlier. I could have been a president or director of some sort of amazing events in high school. I could have been a head prefect or something. lol? :P I could have done much more, than a secretary, which is what I've been always doing in high school last time. That's my forte I guess haha. But I guess, I have little regrets about my high school or college life. I'm glad that I joined prefectship and started to realise things, and started to be more open to the world. I definitely have no regrets joining musical production. that's the best time of my life. I cant enjoy it any other way. It's just that I could have done much more. If I don't focus too much on academic, I can do more things.

Then I joined the events team meeting. Well the leader was also pretty organised, but was not as perfect as the previous one. I'm still thinking whether I want to join this though. It's gonna be interesting though. but the meeting time is quite late, which i dun really like it. (I feel like sleeping that time).

Lastly, I joined Roeland Tanks team. This team is pretty cool. I went to King's Park yesterday and "study walk trail". If only the meeting time wasnt so late, I could have joined this team. The meeting time for this team is much later than events team. I am disappointed as well. Oh well...

And that left for PCfor Refugees, which I'm supposed to go today but I'm lazy :P I was too tired yesterday so I slept till 10am today. I have got nothing much to talk about.

One more team I would like to try, HSO team (High school outreach) team :) If I'm free and came across it again and it's convenient for me, I would definitely volunteer for it. Although Im not really good at talking, but it could be good experience for me .

Now comes to self reflection. My natural aptitude? I can visualise things. I'm good at visual. affected by visual. Imagining. and imitate I guess? But my execution is not that good. Im trying to work on that.

The team members are so mature in thinking. Makes me feel like I need to grow up and start "doing things". But I still have no idea what I'm going to do in my life. Well I do have target in mind for this year :
Middle of year when I go back to Malaysia, I want to do more harp arrangements :) (focus on that) practise piano practise and practise. practise driving as well.

End of the year, I want to focus on driving. If possible Im gonna get international license. that way if possible I can drive in Aussie. and go anywhere I want to.

Sigh. I sometimes asked myself. WHY don't you like immunology and pathology and human anatomy and physiology stuff like that? If so, my path is pretty fixed on medicine or whatever related. I'm pretty fed up with myself sometimes. I can study. I can do it, but I just cant decide.
I dun think I have natural intelligence in the first place. All I have achieved so far is due to my hardwork.

Friday, April 19, 2013

47 Tucanae : Millisecond Pulsars

Something interesting you might want to know about millisecond pulsars.

Millisecond pulsar (term for another neutron star) is due to the formation of neutron star in globular cluster where it will rotate at a speed of light (complete rotation for 25 times in a blink of eye), picking up a companion star which it may later swap for another. Congestion in globular cluster will draw the neutron star nearer to its companion. When the pairing becomes close enough, neutron stars begins to pull matter away from its partner. As matter falls onto the neutron star, it gives off X-rays, forming a x-ray binary system. This is because as matter falls onto the spinning neutron star, it will slowly spins it up. After 10-100 million years of pushing, the neutron star rotataes once every few milliseconds. Finally, due to rapid rotation of neutron star, infall of matter stops and the X-ray emission declines. The neutron star then emerges as radio-emitting millisecond pulsar.


Thursday, April 18, 2013


I'm depressed. Well not that extreme.

It's just that, I feel like I'm not doing enough. So far I have been really happy with my achievements due to my hardwork. Yes I have worked very hard these past years :

Academic area
- I have been getting straight As all the time and ATAR 97.25 for SAM.
- The english research in SAM was one of my biggest achievement. Because that breaks through one barrier that I never imagine I possibly could => Presentation. Although I memorized hard and then only present, I figure it's a start. I hope I could do even better, like spontaneous thinking on the spot next time. I got 29.5 out of 30 marks.

Music area
- Been experienced school pianist in school
- I explored much on GarageBand and try making some compositions
- worked very hard on my harp playing skills and joined Cempaka orchestra as harpist
- joined Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra as reserved harpist
- transcribed 2 harp music nicely from youtube artist : Fireflies and Concerning Hobbits

Media area
- I explored how to use iMovie. Creating animated effects during high school. Pretty simple, easy but fun!

But what I realised was, It's not enough. It's not enough... I need to do more than that. Overcome every possible barrier that assuming who am I. I have to redefine myself. I have to. This is so not enough. so little.

I found out that, people will be really lucky if their passion is in the area that is "bright". You got what I mean? as in "bright future" that makes money!
One thing I know I love, is Music. and that defines me. I will never, ever in my life dropping it out of my life because that's what defines me. But, my talent is not really in there. So I figure, that's not what I'm supposed to major in, or doing as a job. I could work hard, play hard and eventually skillful. But my performance quality, my natural aptitude is not there. I cant play by ear, which is the main criteria.

So I venture further into academic area instead. While doing that, I will still continue my music ability. will still explore. I will do something about it, with every possible free time and resources I have got.

My resolution this year would be :
- figure out my final life goal
- how to achieve it
- continue working hard in music area
- make myself as busy as possible (read, volunteer, explore)
- stay away from social media (only check once in a while - I must control myself)
- speak fluent and read good Japanese :D at least the basic of what I've been studying
- Most important, become SLIM. and boost up my SELF-CONFIDENCE.

By the time, I will change whoever I was to the desired me. Craft out a new self full of individuality.

Why am I writing this post? because I am depressed. Yes I mentioned that at the start of the post. Why? Because I read up about this girl called Marita Cheng, Young Australian of the year 2012. I have never ever felt so astonished before, I figure because she is around my age, not really but she's few years older only. What she did was beyond amazing. She's not "average" university student, she's extraordinary of the extraordinary! Good thing I found out about her few months ago and I felt depressed earlier. She's just amazing. Her vision. What she plan is so "solid". She just does it. just did it. Never hesitated. What an inspiration. Sigh I wish I'm like her. I want to be like her. Her natural aptitude is not what I have, sadly. That's why I keep saying - I wish I could do more.

What's within my boundary now, are the resources in Uni. and the library. and the books. Books. I NEED to read more. I dunno whether it might help or not, but I will use every possible minute to explore. Although I learn slow, understand slow, not really an effective multitasker, I figure I will work very hard to be all that. Listen. Watch more news, decipher every word they say. My catching on words is horrible. I couldnt absorb and understand verbal information properly unless it's written. That's my greatest weakness of all time, that leads to myself being blur. And I will change that. I will FREAKIN change that.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Black Hole : Unveil the mystery. Theory of Relativity.

This blog post presents a concise description about the black hole, its existence and the related concept regarding Einstein’s space-time theory, which is the prime purpose of the field trip at the Gravity Discovery Centre.

Inspired by the work of Einstein, an interactive exhibit about the black hole is designed to convey the concept of general relativity. This concept explains that space-time resembles a smooth fabric that bends and it is the curvature of space-time that is equivalent to the force of gravity (Jones & Robbins 2013). The fundamental question about the existence of black hole can be answered with a resounding yes, supported by several compelling evidence (Begelman & Rees 1996).

Gravity is a truly universal force and mutual attraction among all bodies that maintain every significant level of structure in universe, as explained by Newtonʼs Law. However, Newtonʼs theory is not applicable to black hole situation until Einsteinʼs general relativity has offered humanity a
firm and deep insights about the understanding of black hole, which has been further verified by many precise tests (Begelman & Rees 1996).

When stars that weigh more than 1.4 solar masses run out of fuel needed to power thermonuclear reactions, it will lack of energy to support itself against the gravitational force, causing supernova explosion and collapse into dense state. If the star is able to find new gravitational equilibrium, a neutron star is formed. Otherwise, black hole, a very dense and compact nucleus that weigh as much as 36 million suns with very intense gravitational field is formed from Supergiant that weigh more than 3 solar masses. Black holes exist in the center of many galaxies, including our very own Milky Way (Begelman & Rees 1996).

According to Einsteinʼs general relativity, a gravitating body is like a lead weight causing depression on a rubber membrane, distorting space around it. Similarly, the extremely heavy mass of black hole could cause the distortion of space-time and create an infinite curvature of space-time fabric into an infinitely deep singularity (Strobel 2012; Jones & Robbins 2013).

From the interactive exhibit about the black hole, a coin, which resembles an object near black hole, will gradually orbit until it falls into the singularity where not even light could escape. Nothing that ventures inside would be able to. Approaching the singularity, matter that enters is crushed virtually to a point. For example, as object approaches near the edge of black hole, time dilation occurs in which distant watcher will notice that time was slowing down for the object and eventually is stopped. Whereas, the object itself will notice nothing until the intense gravitational forces crush it (Jones & Robbins 2013 ; Begelman & Rees 1996 ; Strobel 2012).

In conclusion, black hole does exist. We have gained a deeper insight into understanding of black hole using law of physics. Permitted by Einsteinʼs general relativity, extremely massive stars do leave behind the very dense nucleus that weighs millions of solar masses, which distort space-time.

The image on the left (photograph by Moo 2013) displays the interactive exhibit at Gravity Discovery Centre which demonstrates the  concept of black hole and Einstein’s theory of relativity. The drum membrane resembles space-time fabric while coin resembles object that approaches near black hole.

Strobel, N 2012, ‘Evidence of Warped Spacetime’, in,  accessed 15 March 2013, from

Jones, A & Robbins, D 2013, ‘String Theory : Defining a Black Hole’, in, accessed 15 March 2013, from

Begelman, M & Rees, M 1996, ‘Gravity’s Fatal Attraction Black Holes in the Universe’, American Journal of Physics, vol. 65, issue 6, June.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Concerning Hobbits (Harp Cover)


I have transcribed the arrangement into score by ear. P.S : Original arrangement is by theheartrender

'Like' the video if you do like it :D Enjoy practising! :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


And so, I have made up my mind. I dont care anymore. I dont wanna look back.

Im taking Physics Course! (maybe Computer Science as well)

This is probably the weirdest, yet the most interesting decision I have ever made. What made me so certain? I believe now is not the right time to disclose. I just hope, since I decided it, I hope it went well. I will just walk along the flow ... and see what happen.

But whatever it is, I am NOT abandoning Music in my life. I will just do it....I dunno how. I might not do major... But I will somehow do it. #fingercross

This is the first time ever I felt so excited. I want to go to Uni !

Im telling you, this is a bliss, whenever you see things clear. What other better feelings you can get when you wake up in the morning, you have a new goal. fresh start. new expectation?
Everytime Im trying to understand myself, traced my every act and deed. It takes time, too much time, to discover myself. I follow my heart, whilst glancing around at reality. I may not take direct path......I just hope I will somehow do it...... Because I know myself, I could not survive that. I know it. I'm too dependent, and know too little. I'll just hope this would be the right one. I'll try my best.

I haven't fully discover it. After final, I will go through every related media and book, and listen to my heart. Better be the right instinct. better.

I am ready for it. Be it fail or not, I am ready.


Friday, June 1, 2012


Mid-year exam finished. FREEEEE :D
Im so excited. Hokkaido. here I come <3 <3 <3


Friday, April 20, 2012


So far, this is what came into my mind :
To enjoy,

To pursue,
 Chemical Engineering
Computer Science
Veterinary Science

If I were to put Music under 'To pursue' category, I feel unsafe, because they possess what I do not possess and I possess what they usually do not possess. Does it make sense? If I were to pursue, one thing that is pretty obvious is I am walking a risky, independent path. Harp. Composition. Orchestration. Make my own business. Having my own studio. Will I be able to do it? My entrepreneur skills and leadership is 40-50%. How am I able to survive like this?

I have considered Chemical Engineering before it was recommended by others. It sounds more realistic. The path is obvious. I sort of know where it will lead me too, but I do not know whether I'm fully passionate in it.

Computer Science is...abstract. Is that a right word? no idea. I possess what others do not possess. But this? I can say the path is diverse, risky. and a blur. I do not know where it will lead me. One thing I know is, the idols I admired like Jade Raymond, Steve Jobs and Mark are all studying related to this course.

Veterinary Science has gradually slipped away from my 'list of career options'. Reason being, the study process is similar to Medicine, except instead of operating on human, we operate on animals. The path is obvious. If Im good, I can have my own clinic. But if I were to work in my country, the path looks unsatisfying.

What is my Qualification and how should I maximize it? I sound really retarded.

 I am sure, that Commerce courses do not suit me at all. Firstly,
1) I am blur
2) I am inefficient
3) I dislike numbers
4) I can lost track of time
5) I do not know what am I doing sometimes
6) I want to escape from the rat race
7) I have no good communication skill
8) So far, I have no account background

Now, I need to find out more. need to learn to ELIMINATE Choices. Not ADDING possible Choices...
An emo post again :P

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Interview with Mr Yoa

This project is probably one of my best one so far hahhah! You know what, I can interview an audio specialist for games! :)

1) What can you say about the growing influence of video game music?

The growing influence of video game music has given current non video game audio professionals a brand new avenue to dwell into and expand their creative horizons. In other words, video game music is on it way to being, what most people call "mainstream"; just like how pop music was on its way to becoming "popular".

For most conservative video game musicians, going mainstream could possibly be the beginning of its decline or the dilution and gradual loss of its original form. Some people would think otherwise and embrace this as the golden age of video game music, where talents from other musical divides are being sucked in to offer their creative minds.

2) Amazingly, you actually successfully established Video Game Orchestra while you are still a student at Berklee College Of Music. How were you inspired to do that back then?

First of all, I would like to clear up a common misunderstanding amongst most people. I did NOT help establish the Video Game Orchestra. I was, however, instrumental in helping rebrand the group which I believe made the group garner a broader audience base.

Given the clarification given above, perhaps we can secure the validity of the question if altered to such: "What inspired you to join the group back then?"

I joined the group quite shortly after its inception, with a shared ambition and goal as most group members: To promote video game music beyond its traditional fan base, and to help VGM gain the respect and attention it deserves. Needless to say, we were inspired by VGL(Video Games Live) in their efforts to promote VGM.

3) What were the challenges you faced every time you were given an opportunity to work on a new game?

My challenges varies almost all the time and are purely based on the system in which the game was built with, and that would affect the way I write my music to fit in the gameplay. Different games have their own audio playback systems that would fit the game's purpose and flow. New compositional techniques and implementation methods have to be conceived in order to compliment the gameplay.

Another challenge is to to produce music in various genres for any given game and is no doubt challenging, but it is creating something that is "original" that would attach itself exclusively to the game which is the hard part. Be it film, tv or video games, composers from all realms are constantly trying to produce brand new, unheard of sonic ideas.

4) Critical reflection of others’ work is very important in order to create another unique masterpiece.
How can you relate the above statement with your experience?

I can absolutely agree and relate with the above statement. It's a common practice to imitate before you innovate, and this applies not only to music/art, although I'd say its more prevalent in the creative domain. Most audio people including myself would begin our work process with references and/or draw inspiration from our influences to establish a basic framework, which would then grow and flourish as we fill it with our personal touch.

5) Lastly, do you agree that games are more than just an art/ entertainment? Why?

I believe that video games in the 21st century is multi-faceted It can be art, entertainment, both and even more depending on how the user decides to perceive it. It is revolutionary. So, yes I do agree that games are more than just art and entertainment.

Video games through it's revolutionary interactive platform had given countless people a new modern sense of creative direction derived from the human mind with the help of modern computer technology. There're many aspects in which video games benefits us all, most prominent of all is that It serves as a powerful educational tool which can inspire a more effective and creative learning process than from the traditional classroom setting.

Unfortunately, I cant saturate his points into my report :( sad case.. There's word limit of 1000 words.
Anyway, this is my after thought :
I really wish Im like him.
I really wish I can make firm decision like that.
I really wish Im specially good at something, that is obvious to be seen.
I really wish I can be as successful as him.

There is so many things in life... so interesting, beautiful and admirable. Why cant I enjoy them? What's with my fear? I FEAR. I fear :(
One reason is my country does not provide the chance. Well on positive thought, why not I do something secure and stable which everyone does? like accounting, finance, marketing... so many job opportunities! so secure!

But I cant imagine my life to be like that.. My life now isnt that 'GREAT' anyway, I want a life that filled with happiness, of course and success. Achievement. and Im working hard to it right now, not knowing which path am I aiming for, wasted my precious time thinking and cracking my head. It's so tiring.

I know eventually hardwork will paid off. There is one and only life, because next life will be different. Why dun I use this life well? Im so blessed. so lucky, to be alive, here, safe and secure. free of financial problem. Why dun I take this opportunity and do whatever I like? So many thoughts lingering in my head, but they never come into a conclusion. I cant decide ANYTHING.

Perhaps I think too much. Just do it this way. Just do it that way, Just do whatever I was told to do. But think of it, I only have one life. When will it come to me? I fear it never will. I fear my whole blog will be SPAM by this type of 'pessimistic' post, again and again.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Another Steven Spielberg' and John Williams' film! :')
I cried at least twice when watching this movie! I'm not regret at all!
At first, the SOUNDTRACKS are the one attracted me to watch it.



THE MUSIC... <3 <3 <3 I wanna cryyyyyy.. :') :') I did not expect the movie is this nice. Seriously. Coz remember, I just want to feel the music in the cinema. but didnt expect the movie is this awesome! I do not know how else to describe it. This movie is just the most AWESOME movie of the year. SERIOUSLY! PLAY THIS MUSIC!!!

This whole movie is actually from a children's novel. The story started when Albert was watching with admiration as the mother horse gave birth to the beautiful colt with 4 white socks and diamond glaze on the forehead. One day, coincidentally, his father, Ted bought the particular horse in an auction, only desired to spite his landlord. Much to the dismay of his wife, Rosie, he finally bought it and then realised how deep the trouble that he had got himself to. He was very poor, only relying on agriculture for living, how else could he pay the rent to his landlord?

The Landlord threatened to take away all his possessions if he could not pay them off by October. With his son, Albert's patience and kindness, the stubborn horse, Joey was finally trained to plow the land despite of its legs. However, a rainstorm came one night and destroyed the entire farm. In the mean time, a war between England and Germany was starting. Ted decided to sell the horse at high price to the cavalry without telling Albert. Albert found out and pleaded again and again with the soldier but to no avail. Albert has no choice but to let his beloved horse go.

When they are forcefully parted, the film follows the extraordinary journey of the horse as Joey moves through the war, changing and inspiring the lives of all those it meets-British cavalry, German soldiers, and a French farmer and his granddaughter-before the story reaches its emotional climax in the heart of No Man's Land. The First World War is experienced through the journey of this horse-an odyssey of joy and sorrow, passionate friendship and high adventure.

By the way,

EVERYTHING In this film is REAL except the horse is mostly animated. Really remarkable :')


Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Hunger Games

Wanna see how awesome and epic the movie would be?

Check out the trailer if you havent!

If we burn, you burn with us

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Finally I have narrowed my career choices down to Veterinary Science, Pharmacy and Music. But That's still not enough!!! I still cant shake the feeling that I can't be as cool as Jade Raymond. I want to try! but...Computer Science. I wish I'm gifted. and genius like her. It's a DAMN Risk. Damn risk......

Not that too. Music. It's a DAMN Risk too!

Do you ever wonder how human's mind work? ergh. damn random question. I'm trying to say how do genius people so genius...

Friday, January 13, 2012

As promised

Hello Mr Yoa Kian How! :)

Sorry for the delay :P
Here you are! Tribute! Hope you like it :D
Track 14 : Hello!

Anyway, I did this after school, like just now :P
A super short composition. So long never touch GarageBand :P
The sound texture is not good :/ But I cant find any better one in GarageBand. so yea.

I assume this is my greatest thanks to you for sharing your experiences with me.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Truth is stranger than fiction

Sometimes we do need to expect the worst possibility that can happen to us, and be prepared to face it. I wonder what have I been doing nowadays. Dreaming?

But at least I have learnt a few things this holiday. Take action or not, it depends. How long must I hesitate like that? I will never get things done!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

So lucky. I wish I am.

The Adventures of Tintin from James Curran on Vimeo.

Believe it or not? This is FANMADE. I repeat. FANMADE!

By a Adventure of Tintin Fan named James Curran.
And Music composed by Ray Parker and Tom Szczesniak.

I tell you, this is amazing.
After Curran has made this video, he posted it up online.
Guess what? Director of Tintin movie Steven Spielberg saw this online, contacted the artist James Curran, invited him to a UK premiere and hired him to work on his next film. Whoa. WHOA. That is so freakin lucky! Congrats him!

I wish I will have opportunity like this next time :( but very unlikely.

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jade Raymond Talks Gaming For Generation C

Jade Raymond Talks Gaming For Generation C

Looks really cool and complicated. I couldn't fully understand what was she saying though.

Monday, January 2, 2012

74th Hunger Games

Just so you know, I'm an official citizen of Panem! :)

I received a message from President Snow.


(I wouldnt want to put my photo online, like the whole world can see it, so I didnt. Not directly at least. I don't know what are they going to do after we registered. If it's like online game sort, I wouldnt want my picture to show up. so yea, I edited myself anyway :P)

District 10 : Livestock.

The logo is a cow. suits me, moooo! :)

By the way, The Hunger Games movie is coming out in 2012, which is THIS year!
Below is a photo of the casts :

Jennifer Lawrence is playing as Katniss while Josh Hutcherson is playing as Peeta.

Can't wait!

If we burn, you burn with us

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012



but I'm ALIVE! Yay!

Happy New Year! :)

Another year, huh? :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mashed ideas. Pensieve. Siphon thoughts.

Oh god. I really really really have no idea what to do after college. I mean, what to further study on? I have been researching for the past few days. All stuck in my mind were, "This is no good, I will get bored" "You cant find job here" "It's impossible to achieve,here, my country!" "Salary low" "lack passion" . Stuck in the abyss of confusion. I'm not being Pessimistic! I'm confused :( Indecisive. I wish I can sort out what is possible and what is impossible. But nothing is impossible sometimes!


Sales and Marketing? (very unlikely)
Business and Management?
Level designer?
Sound designer?
Motion Picture /Film Scorer?
Classical musician?

I'm being really stupid posting up this. I have no potential in anything! On positive side, that's not true if I don't try, but HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO TRY EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM?

I found being in film or game industry is quite cool. Production stuff. You know? It's a team stuff, and the outcome of it.... I dunno how to explain.
But I want good pay. good environment. psht duh. everyone wants that

I even took a BBC Personality test. My results : I'm realistic, investigative and artistic. Least passion in enterprising. But that doesn't decide what am I, or who am I, does it?

John Holland's model of vocational choice.
God. I sound so nerdy. It is explained that some traits are interrelated. The closer they are to each other, the more they are related. Means, If I am investigative, enterprising is a completely opposite and different trait that I do not possess. I wonder if it's true, some geniuses are just good at EVERYTHING. eg.? Steve Job?

Why is it so hard to decide? Is it because I have exposed to too many possibilities?

I'm so tired.

Off I go. Assassin's Creed.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Harp. Piano. Book.

I've just TRANSCRIBED Fireflies (by Owl City) on harp, inspired by theheartrender. I think the transcribing process is successfully done, with about 70% of it similar to her arrangement.

Here is the link to Youtube, theheartrender's video that I was referring :

Listen, I DID NOT arrange that. Credit to theheartrender :) She is really awesome.

Sorry I don't have a software or any facility that allow me to key in the notes.

The notes are in my head :P


I have just bought a new book again. The Book Thief. Khoo likes it very much :P
So I want to try. This is exactly an 'emo' book. So I am going to take ages, slowly, devoured every single pages carefully so that I can admire the beauty of the words, heartrending content and the misery experienced by every character.

Oh mann. What else can I do?

I'm trying to learn 2 new piano pieces. Calm Land. and The Other Promise.
Calm Land must be rhythmically played. OH god. I tell you it's so hard to catch the beat. I DUNNO! But it's so nice!

The Other Promise is an incredibly emotional piece. My goosebumps. O.M.G. If I can play that, seriously, I will CRY! OF JOY! :'D

Search on Youtube if you don't believe it.

Wait. Jia Lin my old old old friend just came to my house. See what she says : mm.

trollololololololololololol. hi. joanne ask me to write lap sap. so ok.
lap sap.
n i taught her two words: 雪特, a very 文雅 rude words lol (im sorry aunty moo ><") :D she's so 天兵 mumbo jumbo hohoho.
lap sap.
ok bye.


pomelo n kam po lo :3

roses are red. so do chamander- quote Jia Lin

BAHAHHAHHAHHA! We are so W.E.I.R.D. :)

lap sap

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Books and Books

WOAH I can't believe I have done so much in this short holiday! :D
Let me recall, I have finished Assassin's Creed Revelations (can said ultimately), HALFWAY through completing ''Fireflies'' transcription on harp, finished Undang stuff, and read 3 books! I'm actually quite occupied every single day, some friends come to my house. I would probably go out again tomorrow, I think. This Friday, Saturday, Sunday, next Monday maybe and Tuesday will be fully occupied! Wow :)


The ending is well-concluded. WICKED Original vision did not come to fruition ; the blueprint never came together. However, they put into place an alternate solution. Instead of finding a cure to Flare, the leader of WICKED decided to move all Immunes to a better place, where they can begin civilization anew while the rest of the world is driven to extinction.

WICKED had conducted many Variables, implemented alternate solutions and executed different trials on the subjects, who are mostly Immunes. A crime committed against humanity, but not so, in desperation , to find a cure, to achieve the only goal : preserve the human race. But what they neglected to see was right before their eyes ; The Immune are the only resource left to this world.

Thomas, an Immune of course, is the main character who made the whole plot possible. My favourite characters!! Thomas, Brenda and Minho! :) Thomas and Brenda will make a good couple haha. I don't like Teresa, but she is dead in the end. ah .

I pretty like that part, when Thomas quoted :

"Sometimes they do things just to make me do the opposite of what they think I think they think I want to do."
"HUH?" confusion transforming their faces.

Thomas is SO CUTE! :) <3 <3 Anyway, pretty good book.

I finished this book in one day! :)
This reminded me of Hunger Games. Instead of dividing into districts, the society is divided into five factions : Abnegation (the selfless - in charge of political stuff), Candor (the honest - in charge of whatever honest? you know :P), Amity (the peaceful, in charge of agriculture), Erudite (the intelligent - in charge of technology, books, building etc.) and Dauntless (the brave - in charge of security). Each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue, in the attempt to form a "perfect society."

I notice the Author probably chose Dauntless because there are a lot to talk about. Brave about anything. Sounds really cool when Tris is a Divergent : equally Dauntless, Erudite and Abnegation. FOUR! He's so cute! He's my favourite character already in the beginning. I prefer Divergent than Hunger Games. but then I realised these two books are different. I still compare them anyway. Divergent is better than Hunger Games. Much. Less long-winded probably.


Less realistic? Of course what do you expect!
Monsters, weird creatures, giants, gods, goddesses. Roman and Greek stuff. But they are pretty interesting.
So not realistic. What I meant was, as if Death is the most common and carefree thing in the world. in THIS world. the world that full of monsters... well of course. What am I talking about? I dunno. confused.
Everytime Percy go for quest, it's like a picnic trip.. sort of. "Let's go to eat! Hungry!" "Shopping!"wow, they are really calm and all. but good thing, that's what make it funny.

I did not read the previous book, but I sort of know what's going on. The reason I don't want to read is there is no Percy in it. Well this book has Percy in it, something I can relate to the past.
In this book, Percy has lost his memories, being dumped at a strange place. Then he has to get to Camp Jupiter, a camp based on Roman culture. And so he met Frank and Hazel, new Roman heroes.

A bit boring in the middle. but pretty good in the ending. Percy rose to praetor! Mrs o'Leary is back! My favourite character! Percy of course! and Arion (consider he IS a character), the best horse EVER!

It would be pretty cool I can create a personal hurricane. In my state, I probably would drown myself (coz I dunno how to swim!), but not if I have Percy's ability. Muahaha! Percy is INVINCIBLE! Love him!

And yea. Pretty interesting.

oh and I have made a Assassin's Creed Insignia. Out of boredom :P

Carving Process. I took almost half day to do the particular carving. It's hard. coz it's clay.

Final Product!

TADA! I even encased it. My Masterpiece <3 <3

I took this Facebook Divergent quiz. Guess what I got?

Expected. not as outstanding :P Nothing special in particular.

And so and so. Better holiday ahead! I wish I have more good books to read!