Wednesday, May 8, 2013


"Stay out of comfort zone"

How easy to say that. But execution is a problem.

One major major thing I realised is the difference of mindset, in this case, between my dad and my aunt in Australia. Her typical mindset is, still, always "get a good job and live your life as employee" though she didn't really emphasing on getting extraordinary grade. Working in "safe" and "stable" environment. Get monthly payment though unhappy with work. Then reward yourself a trip next time.

Whereas, my dad's mindset is "get a good grade, get a good job, be own boss and do something special". No doubt, I prefer my dad's. But easy to say. Hard to do. I guess most of the jobs need to compromise. Either you earn good money, you hate the job ; or you face uncertainty, you love the job.

My dad. works as contractor straight right after high school. He works diligently all the time. That's the same to my aunt. She's a super strong mum. Works diligently all the time. But she chose to stay at the same level. She's afraid to take risk. and I guess, Australia has less opportunity for her to "meet people". Reward for my aunt is probably the intelligence of her two kids. No doubt, they are really smart. Whereas my dad, he strived for excellence, worked his way up in the corporate world until where he is now. Meantime, he had the opportunity to "meet people", networking, get good connection. It is really impossible to believe that, he has achieved so much in his lifetime. From merely a "kampung kid" to contractor to manager to senior manager (He would be Director if not for the absence of degree level). From kampung to suburb to urban. Not many people have the determination to do that. nor have the drive. nor the opportunity.

"Be own boss and do something special" This is very hard. This is not a game, which you can reset whenever you are "game over". In life, "game over" is indeed disastrous.

Since I like playing games, why not I treat life like a game itself?

So hard. but achievable.

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